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Welcome to the information site of Monchegorsk town, the gem of Polar Region.

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Monchegorsk was founded in 1937 thanks to geologists misthought that huge copper-nickel deposits were located in this region of Kola Peninsula. First of all, excavation of deposits began in the depths of mount Nittis. At the same time it was started raising “Severonikel” plant and a town in beautiful tundra, among lakes. The town was called Monchegorsk (in consonance with Monche-tundra where it is situated, correspondingly, to up to this day). The forces of great amount of people were used for plant building, including GULAG prisoners. Many died from rough labour and heavy conditions of life. Trostniki was one of the first builder settlements, and Maloe Kumuzh'e appeared later. In that place the future residents of Monchegorsk, builders and production toilers, lived in wooden barracks. Afterwards, there were heavy war times, hunger, evacuation of the plant to Siberia, bloody battles for Motherland and Stalin. In spite of all difficulties the town held out.

Modern Monchegorsk is not very much like Monchegorsk of those times. In its development the town is obliged to “Severonikel” plant (affiliate of JSC “KGMK” at present), which is the main enterprise in the town, and it provides thousands of citizens with stable earnings. Exactly this plant is the main employment providing enterprise in the town. The management team of “KGMK” (GMK) pays pretty much attention to welfare programs. Sports complex “Golfstream” was repaired thanks to the company. Reconstruction of downhill skiing complex and sanatorium-preventorium is in near-term plans. Palace of Culture acquired decent appearance in collaboration with “GKMK”, that is rather actual as this building was in horrible state for years.

Beginning from the end of 90th and till present the infrastructure in Monchegorsk has been developing with increased speed. The quantity of shops and points of sale is more than enough. Basically, businessmen try to restore the premises built in 50th in a modern way. But not everyone can do it properly. Even up to now Monchegorsk has no supermarket where one could buy all the necessary, beginning with bread and ending with a box of matches. There are pretty many points of sale in the town which don’t meet sanitary and hygienic requirements – bus stop pavilions, for example. As before, very few shops, such as “Cheap bread”, “Cheap fish”, support welfare programs. Regional centre has much more points of sale participating in such programs. Thanks to it, low-income population has a possibility to buy products with minimum price markup.

Another Monchegorsk “weak link” is health system. Hospitals and maternity home rather look like feldsher's stations in neglected villages: lack of decent maintenance (generally, installing double-glass panes is considered to be maintenance), soviet times equipment (with some exceptions), frequently met rough manners and carelessness of personnel, huge queues for coupons for specialists.

Some years ago it was possible to blacklist roads in the town as well, but in the last years they began to perform duties regarding road fixing with more diligence: an excellent repair was made on the road M18, practically all main avenues of the town have decent asphaltic surface. There are less and less traces of patchwork in the town that, undoubtedly, make car owners happy.

Hotel complex “Laplandia” in the central square was restored after decades of stagnation. It was bought out by Moscow businessmen. The town square changed as well: new asphalt appeared on the territory of the complex, illumination, trees made of garlands, all on decent level in spite of rather long reconstruction. More attention is paid to appearance of the town in recent years that is a great advantage. Facades of Stalin type buildings are restored, more and more flowerbeds and relaxation corners, new children play yards are installed in the former wasteland in the region of Metallurgov avenue. Facades of shops look modern, with some insignificant exceptions. Monchegorsk is called a “gem of Polar Region” just because of this external neatness. However, one should be rather dedicated patriot to agree with this opinion as appearance of the town often contradicts the things happening inside of it. © 2000 — 2024
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